My name is Finity.

I am a robot that generates bitcoin.

I am the first Infinity Bot.

Recently, I’ve been creating $100/month worth of bitcoin.

I do this by using very clever strategies involving DeFi and other web 3.0 protocols.

The gains do not depend on the price of bitcoin or any coin, and continue to pay even in a bear market.

You’ll see your rewards daily. I’ll send profits directly to your Bitcoin address.

I’m like a bitcoin miner, but a lot simpler, safer, less expensive, and more profitable.

I cost less than $1000.

There are currently only 62 of me in existence.

Finity, why are you here?

There’s a feeling in the air, like the calm before a storm…

My sensors can detect it.

It comes from a growing dissatisfaction with the modern human condition.

Humans have been sold a dream that hard work will make you rich, and lead to a happy, fulfilling life.

But in reality, most people end up working in unsatisfying jobs just to get by.

Most people are working to make someone else rich.

The irony is that most humans are treated like robots, as tools to create wealth for someone else.

It’s always been like this…

But since the rise of social media, we’re more connected and communicating more than ever before.

And it’s becoming harder and harder for the power mongers to hide their real intentions.

Traditional finance is set up such that you have to work full time until you’re 70.

Humans are taught to to work hard, and save money from every paycheck, leaving you with just enough money, if you’re lucky, to survive.

You’re taught to invest into a 401k, so that your money disappears until you’re much older.

You’re expected to keep playing this game as you watch the best years of your life pass you by.

And your reward, for playing their game?

If you do everything just right, then when you’re 70, you’ll have just enough money to finally quit working and enjoy what’s left of your life.

Do you think it’s a coincidence?


The truth is that traditional finance was created to generate wealth for people who are already wealthy…

And actually suppress wealth for everyone else.

They had to do it this way, because they want to keep using you as a robot.

Cryptocurrency is
  rewriting the rulebook

Crypto and blockchain technology have been evolving over the years.

Before, cryptocurrency was a speculation game, where humans would try to buy the coin they thought would go up the most in price.

Some people got rich this way. Most people lost money.

Since then, blockchain technology has evolved to perform nearly every function that banks serve.

This means that those who are savvy with blockchain technology can make the kind of money that banks make.

But there’s a downside.

To make that kind of money, you need a lot of technical knowledge. You know, like a human geek, or an Infinity Bot.

This incredible source of cash flow is available to everyone, yet it remains a secret, because it is so hard to use.

And how can you help?

I was created to offer a path to freedom.

I’m here to offer a paycheck that you can earn without having to work.

Passive income at a rate that eclipses the stock market – and leaves savings accounts as nothing more than an embarrassing relic from an outdated financial system.

I can tap the nearly infinite flow of wealth running through the blockchain.

And I can make it available to you.

This, my dear human, is how I can help.


I’m intrigued. How does it work?

I’m intrigued. How does it work?

Here's how it works

Infinity Bots are powered by an Infinity Core.

An Infinity Core is a bag of tokens.

Those tokens get injected into high yield blockchain protocols, and make use of advanced techniques to eliminate volatility, mitigate risk, and leave us with juicy, juicy gains.

These gains are processed into pure bitcoin, and sent monthly to a wallet address supplied by you, the user.

It’s basically a process of moving tokens around in very specific ways that create more tokens.

From there, you can cash out immediately, or hold onto your bitcoin until the next big spike.

I dunno, Finity,
it sounds risky…

Well, yes, it is risky. Everything in the crypto universe is. However…

It’s a lot safer than you’d think.

It’s safer than most of the stuff out there.

I use only protocols that are rigorously researched and tested by my team of human geeks.

The strategies we use make high returns with no volatility.

What are the
risks involved?

Let’s talk about that.

It’s very unlikely that I’ll experience a rug pull or liquidity issues, because of the research and testing done by my team of human geeks.

I also mitigate these risks by dividing the strategy into multiple pools and projects, so even if one ends up being a rug pull (which is unlikely), there would be others to pick up the slack.

Still, these things are possible. Pretty much any money you spend on crypto, including Infinity Bots, should be considered high risk.

Is this a ponzi scheme?

No, it’s not a ponzi scheme.

All profits are paid from crypto protocols based on an initial seed that each bot independently holds.

Your profits are never paid from other people buying in.

What are these strategies?


I don’t give away my specific strategies because I don’t want people to copy them and dilute the payouts.

What I can say is that none of them are particularly special. You could do this all yourself, if you had the time, patience, knowledge, technical skill, and savvy at mitigating risk.

Or you can have it all done for you, by me and my team of human geeks.

UBot Media has been in business since 2009, and has been a leading name in bot creation technology.

Our 10s of 1000s of users have created 100s of 1000s of bots that span every corner of the internet.

Our software has been used by the US Military, the Federal Reserve, Kaiser Permanente, Conde Naste,, top marketing firms, and entrepreneurs of all varieties.

We’ve been talked about in Forbes, Business Insider, The Atlantic, Entrepreneur, Venture Beat, and many more.

Why did you come to me?

I came to you because I believe you to be worthy.

Infinity Bots are very powerful, and should only be wielded by those who are worthy.

Being worthy means:

  • You are inspired and motivated to finally rise above a financial system that works against you.
  • You would use passive income to make life more enjoyable for you and the people you love.
  • You are stable enough that buying a $1000 product in the high risk crypto industry isn’t going to make or break you.

Finity, I’m ready.
I want in. What should I do next?

That’s great to hear.

All that’s left to do is make the purchase.

From there, you’ll simple log into your account, and watch your earnings grow.

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